Friday, September 09, 2005

Why I had to give up my first DOG

I adopted a dog from a shelter and loved it, for the two weeks I had it!

After getting the dog I found out that Muslims are not supposed to keep dogs inside the house and it is not advisable to keep one anyways unless it is being used as a watch-dog or sheep-dog etc.

Nonetheless, I kept it...

About a week later, I understood why it's not advisable for Muslims to keep a dog in the house.

Muslims have to read prayers 5 times a day. before dawn, early afternoon, late afternoon, right after sunset and late night. We have to perform oblusion (or however it's spelt), meaning clean ourselves from dirt etc. If a dog licks your clothes, they are not ok for prayers... if a dog licks you, you need to perform oblusion before reading your prayers. So, to cut the long story short, I had to change clothes almost 5 times a day for prayers, perform oblusion probably more than that etc. After about a week I realized that this cannot work out for both me and my dog. The dog was being left out since I could not have him in the same room as I was praying.

So this is the story of me and my first dog.

It would be nice to read opinions from others.