Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Office Depot Problems (Bad Customer Service)

Recently I had an opportunity to shop with Office Depot Telephone Order. The company policy is that they price match any competitor. The product was cheaper at Dell. So I called Office Depot Telephone Orders (1-800-GO-DEPOT) and asked for a Price Match. They took my order, told me the total and said the product will arrive in 3 business days and I should get it by Tuesday. On Tuesday, I got nothing. So I checked my account online with Office Depot only to find out that my order was canceled. No reason was given. I emailed support and 24 hours later got a call from them. The representative said the order was canceled because it was out of stock at that time, but now it is in stock and I could re-order it. By then, the price at Dell had went up. Pissed off, I told the rep. that this was outrageous. After my outburst, she said "lemme check". She came back and said "the seller (I am assuming they were dealing with some third-party who was actually going to send the item to me) is not willing to price match!". I reminded her of the policy of price-match but she said she cannot do anything about it. By this time I was furious at the service I was getting. Lying to get out of their own words! I emailed them again stating my disappointment. Another representative called back and said the reason my order was canceled is because there was a rebate for that item from Office Depot (no-one during my first order mentioned anything about any rebates!) and therefore after the rebate, the price would be actually lower than Dell's price. A third explanation! How many times were they gonna bull-shit with me. I checked the rebate offer online, it had expired! So now I couldn't get the actual price Dell was offering or the one after the rebate. Just great. I should have ordered from Dell and not worry about wasting my time with Office Depot who don't even honor their own words!