Monday, December 22, 2008

Ski Fun in Colorado Rockies

Skiing is always fun, but it's funner when there is a lot of snow and the weather is COLD! 

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Friday, December 12, 2008

State of Muslims

I have been thinking about writing this for a very long time. Too much contemplation retards the process of progress.

I have kept the title simple and straight forwards since that is exactly what I wanted to write about. I might cut my post short this time but will try to continue with more later on, continuing with the same topic.

Current state of Muslims as a whole is below any level previously known of a society or community. It is mostly just the perception, but nonetheless, it is. Money is the driving force in our society, although Allah says do not let it drive you. Allah says stand up for truth and we try our best to keep away from it. Allah says fight against injustice, but we don't.

Lots and lots of Muslim men go to pray at the Masajid (Mosques) at-least for Friday prayer. They listen to sermons from the community's religious leaders. This is a great institution in Islam. If used properly could bring about change that nations can only dream of. What do we use it for? Nothing! We say we are using it to spread Islam. I always wondered why are we spreading Islam to those who are already Muslim. What the people standing in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of Muslims are doing is forcing their interpretation of Islam. "You wear a chain on your neck... You are going to hell!" I have heard this in a Friday sermon. I have yet to hear someone say "You came to the masjid for this prayer... you will probably to go heaven". It is so easy for people to say so and so will go to hell because of such and such act. I have never ever ever ever heard a Muslim scholar say so and so smiled at his neighbor and helped him clean his yard because of no reason and thats why he will go to heaven! We have assumed that if we don't do everything exactly like some of the leaders of Islam say, we will go to hell. Why is it that doing one bad act will lead us to hell, but doing one or even multiple good acts will still not confirm heaven.

Allah has said, do good deeds and stay away from bad ones. Believe in oneness of Allah and believe in Quran. This will surely take you to Heaven. It seems like the people giving sermons in Friday prayers are using the shock and awe theory. Keep the people in fear and they will do good! We have been using pessimistic approach for a very long time. Isn't it time that we change that since we know for sure it's not working for us.

Why don't we hear our leaders tell us how to live better in life. How to be better human beings. How to respect life. Of ours and of others. I have never come across an article from a Muslim scholar or a religious leader saying that the killing of innocent people of any country, be they Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or of any other religion or don't even have a religion, is against the teachings of Islam. Are they afraid to raise their voice? Not standing up against injustice is against Islam.

Collateral damage is not Islamic. If you can't fight the culprit, stop abusing the ones who merely look like it.

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